What We Do


Joti Software provides end-to-end software design and development services for socially conscious companies, from non-profits to the green sector


We build quality components – from robust back-end data storage and access to web services for integration to elegant web interfaces that render well on all devices.


Our team is made up of veteran software engineers with years of experience and young developers that are highly engaged with the latest technologies so that we provide a great blend of methodical rigor and creative innovation.

We take great pride in our reliability and high-quality work

Our Work

Our Team

Abhai Raj Singh

Abhai Raj Singh

Founder, Developer, Architect

Abhai Raj has over 20 years experience as a developer and architect – most of it with data warehouses and integration projects. He founded Joti Software with the hope of providing professional and affordable software development services to projects that serve and uplift humanity, and to provide skills training and job opportunities for his local community. When he's not working at Joti, he's likely to be out in the fields working in the community garden or singing with his wife Sat Purkh Kaur.

Fateh Singh Khalsa

Software Developer

Fateh is a software developer that really enjoys solving tough problems. He's the guy everyone turns to when they're at their wits end trying to fix a bug. He appreciates elegant design, clean code, and excellent presentation, and has quite a flair for fashion.

Kara Looney

Project Manager, Business Development

Kara possesses in-depth experience as a project manager. She has a knack of maintaining the big picture plan, without losing site of the intricate details that serve to make up the greater whole. Having worked for both non-and for-profit organizations, she has helped them successfully execute projects of various size and complexity.

Kara can easily reframe complicated concepts into easily digestible details to ensure proper communication with clients and her team. She is passionate about focusing her professional skills and personal interests toward projects that serve humanity, nature and the planet. In her free time, Kara teaches Kundalini and Hatha Yoga and invests her time in altruistic entrepreneurial pursuits.

Joe Sears

Joe Sears

Business Analyst, developer, project manager

Joe has over 15 years of professional experience in IT from user support to web design. He enjoys working with people to discover solutions that will make using technology and services more effective.

TJ Hill

TJ Hill

Full Stack Developer

TJ is a full stack developer with a passion for technology and the environment. With experience in Ruby on Rails and JavaScript based programming and a background in music, he discovered web development through a project called Farmbot. He was drawn in by the open source community and the awesome things being built with technology. TJ brings strong skills in problem solving and creativity that helps socially conscious companies drive innovation.

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